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Hello Everybody
Due to the current situation with Coronavirus (Covid 19) and the government advice yesterday (Monday 16th March),  we have had numerous messages since yesterday evening, telling us that many of you will not be attending classes until the situation is over. We have therefore made the decision to close all the classes until further notice. 
Unfortunately this means that we will not be having the annual St Patrick’s Celebration this Wednesday, or Thursday morning’s class. Sorry about the short notice but yesterday’s news and the new safety instructions have understandably made many people nervous about attending large gatherings.
We will miss the classes and hope to see you all very soon. Please check this  website and the Facebook Group page – Urban Line Dance (UK) – for details. 
We have informed everyone for whom we have contact details, however, we don’t have everybody’s email address or phone number so if you know anyone who comes to class please pass this information on to them.
It is with regret that we have made this decision, but in light of the current situation it seems the only choice we have.
We will keep you informed via your contact details.  You can update you details by phone (07849 450945) or by email ()  
We will regularly update this page and the Facebook page so please keep checking..
Hope to see you all very soon
Take care
Brenda and Ray. xx

All Discos have been cancelled until further notice.  When we reschedule we will let you know on this page and on the Facebook page.

We have free Zoom meetings every Monday Evening, Wednesday Evening and Thursday Morning for those who wish to keep dancing from home.  You will be kept informed of these on the Facebook page or by email if we have your email address.

We have no way of knowing how long this situation will last but we hope you all stay in good health for the duration.  We look forward to seeing you all, fit healthy and ready to dance when given the all clear.

Best wishes

Brenda and Ray  x

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