20th April 2017
Ray’s Birthday

Happy Birthday Ray!

Photos of the St Patrick’s Disco 2017


Photos of the St Patrick’s Disco 2016


Ray 2016 St Patrick's Disco

Some of the dancers who arrived early

         Group St Patricks Disco 2016          Group 2 St Patrick's Disco 2016        Group 3 St Patrick's Disco 2016

Class Photos November 2016

Some members of the Wednesday Beginner class


Thursday Morning Intermediate Class


Photos taken during the Weymouth Weekend

Until the Dawn – Line dance revised by Ray during one of his “Easy Go” Sessions at the Weymouth Weekend Event
For the step sheet, please follow this link:  Until The Dawn Urban Step Sheet


Judge Not  – Linedance  taught by Ray during one of his “Easy Go” session at the Weymouth Weekend event.
For the step sheet, please follow this link:  Judge Not Urban Step Sheet


Tropical Island Disco Pics.

Ray’s New Dance for the Weymouth Weekend
Lovely Day Urban Step Sheet


Photo’s taken at The Queen’s 90th Birthday Celebrations at St Faith’s Church Lee-On-The-Solent on 6th June 2016.

IMG_2135 IMG_2128

IMG_2106  IMG_2113


Some members of the Wednesday Class March 2016

IMG_1619 e


Ray’s Birthday

Monday 20th April was Ray’s birthday so his Monday Class hosted a little surprise celebration helped by some of the dancers from the other classes.  Thanks go to everyone who came along and helped to make it a successful evening and thanks for all the lovely food.  Against the odds and mainly thanks to Lorraine we managed to keep it from him until the last minute and he greatly enjoyed the surprise.

Here are a few of the photos taken after we sprung the cake on him.

Thanks again to everyone who contributed.




IMG_0678                                                                                                      IMG_0677


IMG_0692             IMG_0685            IMG_0686


IMG_0688                  IMG_0689



Monthly Disco

IMG_0070 a                                                     IMG_0064



Thursday Morning Class:  Christmas 2014

DSCF3380   DSCF3380b   DSCF3379b

  DSCF3382a   DSCF3384a 




Thursday Afternoon Class:  Some of the Class, Christmas 2014

DSCF3398a    DSCF3399a   DSCF3400a

Wednesday Class  February 2015


St Patrick’s Day Disco 2014


  IMG_0355a                  IMG_6654[2]                      IMG_0370 fav 5                 IMG_6663[1]



Ray and Lorraine









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