Monthly Line Dance Disco


At Wallington Village Hall,


Broadcut, Fareham PO16 8ST

7:30 to 10:30+    BYO

Wallington 2


Come and join in the fun, dances from old favourites to the very latest.

Requests All Night 0-50 dances played. All levels catered for;  Beginner to Advanced.

Contact Ray on 01329 315641 if you want to book a table.

Dates for 2017

Discos are on the 1st Sunday of the month




Disco Request Form.

(Click on this link for a request form you can print)



Track No Dances
1 Thinkin’ Country
2 Some Girls Will
3 Say It Again
4 Bosa Nova
5 Shady
6 Scared of The Dark
7 A Little Love Trip
8 Closer
9 Every Time she Walks By
10 Lay Low
11 Water Off A Duck’s Back
12 Magical Mystery Ride
13 Dans Le Tango
14 Human After All
15 Ghost of You
16 Blue Ain’t Your Colour
17 Take me To The River
18 Paddy’s Choir
19 Blue Night Cha
20 Well Do Ya?
21 Pot Of Gold
22 Love’s Just A Feeling
23 Until the Dawn/And Get it On
24 Slowly Gently Softly (SGS)
25 The Lemon Tree
26 Dream Weaver
27 Love Remains
28 Tongue Tied Up/Boom Boom Bang
29 Ticket To The Blues
30 Missing
31 Tango With Me Darling
32 Nancy Mulligan
33 Champagne Promise
34 Wandering Hearts
35 Blessed
36 I Came To Love You
37 Corazon Diamante (Diamond Heart)
38 Big Blue Tree
39 Skin
40 Attention
41 Fields Of Gold
42 I Do My Dreaming
 43  Dizzy



Dance in lines! Listen to the DJ to know what dance is being played and for any floor-splits. Sit at the edge of the dance floor and make sure your chair does not get in the dancers’ way. Move forward when asked by the DJ – dancers may be struggling for space behind you. Leave the floor when the music ends, unless staying for the next dance. Be aware of others – take smaller steps when learning a dance or when a popular dance is being played (the dance floor may be fuller than normal). NEVER kick too high or jump with both feet off the floor – it’s not gymnastics!


Walk across the floor when the music is playing – always walk around. Try to join an existing line when where there is no room for you – it’s called ‘pushing in’! Bend down in the middle of the dance floor to tie shoe-laces – move away to the side. Carry drinks across the dance floor at ANY time – any and all spillages should be cleaned immediately.


Other information:

A floor-split is when 2 dances are being done at the same time to the same piece of music – usually front & back. It is VERY important that space is left between the two sets of dancers to ensure there are no collisions when dancing. Partner dancing is occasionally done around the edge of the floor – it is acknowledged that partner dancers have right-of-way, so be aware and give them room. Everyone was a beginner once and newcomers should be encouraged – but please don’t get up for a dance you don’t know, or exit from the dance floor in the middle of the music. It is courteous to apologise to a fellow dancer if you bump into them or kick them accidentally!

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