June Disco 2018
Due to unforeseen circumstances which are beyond our control, the June Disco has to be re-scheduled.  It will now be held on Sunday 10th of June 2018. The time and venue remain the same, only the date has changed.

Urban Line Dance Events 

We organise our own monthly disco on the first Week-end of the month, where many dancers join us for dancing all grades of dances both traditional and modern chart music.

We also attend other local events both as a group and individually

St Patrick’s Disco Dance List 14th March 2018


1 Mamma Maria
2 Keep My Cool
3 Until The Dawn
4 The Long Way Home
5 Thinkin’ Country
6 Patsy Fagan
7 Chasing Down a Good Time
8 Coastin,
9 Best Friend
10 Pot of Gold
11 Fields Of Gold  (Fast)
12 Irish Stew
13 Stumblin’ In
14 Vertical Expressions
15 Funk It Out
16 Rita’z Waltz
17 Mexican Cantina
18 Lonely Drum
19 Celtic Dou

Photos taken at the St Patrick’s Disco 14th March 2018





Wednesday 14th March 2018


For Pictures from the Halloween Disco 2017 follow this link


For Pictures of from the Weymouth Weekend 2017 follow this Link



For pictures and playlist from the St Patrick’s Disco on 10th March 2017 follow this link


News From Weymouth 2016!

We’re very sorry if you couldn’t join us, but we just have to share with you some of the excellent times we had on our fabulous weekend in Weymouth October 7th to 10th 2016

Here are some videos and photos.

Until the Dawn – Line dance revised by Ray during one of his “Easy Go” Sessions at the Weymouth Weekend Event
For the step sheet, please follow this link:  Until The Dawn Urban Step Sheet

Judge Not  – Linedance  taught by Ray during one of his “Easy Go” session at the Weymouth Weekend event.
For the step sheet, please follow this link:  Judge Not Urban Step Sheet


Tropical Island Disco Pics.


Ray’s New Dance for the Weymouth Weekend
Lovely Day Urban Step Sheet


We’re so sorry if you missed it!


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