Wednesday – New Dancers and Beginners

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For New Dancers and Beginners
Weekly classes are held at the Fareham Academy (Used to be called NEVILLE LOVETT COMMUNITY SCHOOL).
St Anne’s Grove, (Off St Michaels Grove)
Fareham, PO14 1JJ
New Dancers are always welcome.
Classes 7:30 to 9:30 pm
Price £5 per class
This class first started as Absolute Beginners in September 2013, now after 3½ years a core of dancers are comfortable with Beginner / Easy Improver Dances .
In September 2015 we again welcomed lots of new absolute beginner dancers so we integrated both beginner dancers and AB Dancers. Each week new dancers learn the basic steps and basic dances.

Come and join us for a fun and gentle start to Line Dancing to all sorts of music.

If you can dance around a handbag then you’re good enough to join us.
If you’re coming to class for the first time please wear suitable shoes and bring a refreshing drink.
Fareham Academy Community Hall (The Venue)
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Christmas Party 2017

Follow this link to a Beginners’  Guide to Line Dance. Beginners Guide To Line Dance
Follow this link for a glossary of Line Dance terms. LINE DANCE TERMS

Full List Of Dances on Wednesday 17th October 2018

AH SI 32 count 4 wall Ultra Beginner. Choreographer: Rita Masur. Music: Levantando Las Manos by El Simbolo
New dance
32 count 2 wall Improver.  Choreographer: Marcus Zeckert.  Music: Paradise by George Ezra. 
ROCKET TO THE SUN 33 count 4 wall Absolute Beginner. Choreographer: Madison Glover  Music: Thriller by Michael Jackson.
Week 2
32 count 4 wall Beginner. Choreographer: Karl-Harry Winson.  Music: Return To Sender by Dave Edmunds.
MAMMA MIA! WHY ME? 32 count 2 wall Beginner.  Choreographer: Lee Hamilton.  Music: Why Did it Have To Be Me? by Josh Dylan, Lily James and Hugh Skinner.
LONELY DRUM 32 count 4 wall Improver. Choreographer: Darren Mitchell. Music: Lonely Drum by Aaron Goodvin
FIRST SWAY 32 count 4 wall Absolute Beginner. Choreographer: Dirk Leibing.   Music:  Dancing In The City by Marshall Hain.
HAVANA CHA 32 count 4 wall High Beginner. Choreographer: Ria Vos. Music: Havana (feat. Young Thug) by Camila Cabello.
DOWN ON YOUR UPPERS 32 count 4 wall Beginner. Choreographer: Gary O’Reilly. Music: “Down On Your Uppers” by Derek Ryan .
Week 3
32 count 4 wall Beginner.  Choreographer: Christina May.  Music: Blurred Lines – Robin Thicke ft. Pharrell & T.
32 count 4 wall High Beginner.  Choreographers:  Gary O’Reilly & Maggie Gallagher.  Music: “Bring On The Good Times” by Lisa McHugh


Dances First Taught or Revised in October 2018
Paradise                                                                       Paradise Urban Step Sheet
Special Delivery                                                         Special Delivery Urban Step Sheet
Out Of Focus                                                              Out of Focus Urban Step Sheet No video available

Dances First Taught or Revised in September  2018
Stroll Along Cha Cha                                               Stroll Along Cha Cha Urban Step Sheet
First Sway                                                                  First Sway Urban Step Sheet
AH SI!                                                                         AH SI! – Urban Step Sheet
AB Whirl                                                                    A B Whirl Urban Step Sheet


Danced to different music:

Step Sheets for the 4 single wall AB dances can be found on the Step Sheet page or by following the links below:
A B L Urban Step Sheet
A B Corner Urban Step Sheet
A B Rocker Urban Step Sheet
EL Corner Urban Step sheet


Dances First Taught or Revised in August 2018
Love Flow                                         Video                                   Love Flow Urban Step Sheet
Feel The Way I Do                          Video                                   Feel The Way I Do Urban Step Sheet
Mamma Mia! Why Me?                Video                                    Mamma Mia Why Me Urban Step Sheet

Dances First Taught or Revised in July 2018
Good Time Girls                     Video                                         Good Time Girls Urban Step Sheet          
Rolling Home                          Video                                         Rolling Home Urban Step Sheet
Hey You                                    Video                                          Hey You Urban Step Sheet


Dances First Taught or Revised in June 2018
Blue Night Cha                               Video                                           Blue Night Cha Urban Step Sheet                                 
Whiskey Bridges                            Video                                           Whiskey Bridges Urban Step Sheet                   
Be Strong                                        Video                                            Be Strong Urban Step Sheet
Without A View                              Video                                          Without A View Urban Step Sheet

Dances First Taught or Revised in May 2018
Cuba Libre                              Video                                                     Cuba Libre Urban Step Sheet                   
La Culpa                                  Video                                                     La Culpa Urban Step Sheet                             
Dirty                                          Video                                                    Dirty Urban Step Sheet
Alice                                          Video                                                    Alice Urban Step Sheet

Dances First Taught or Revised in April 2018
Black Coffee (Revision)                   Video                                          Black Coffee Urban Step Sheet                   
I Close My Eyes                                 Video                                          I Close My Eyes Urban Step Sheet
Rocket To The Sun                            Video                                         Rocket To The Sun Urban Step Sheet
Lovely Day                                          Video                                          Lovely Day Urban Step Sheet


Dances First Taught or Revised in March 2018
Elliot’s Dream                                   Video                                             Elliot’s Dream Urban Step Sheet
On the Beach                                     Video   Video                                On The Beach Urban Step Sheet        
After The Storm                                 Video                                             After the Storm Urban Step Sheet                                 
Where We’ve Been                            Video                                             Where We’ve Been Urban Step Sheet
Let It Swing                                        Video                                             Let it Swing Urban Step Sheet

Dances First Taught or Revised in February 2018

Vertical Expressions                      Video                                                 Vertical Expressions Urban Step Sheet
Patsy Fagan                                     Video                                                 Patsy Fagan Urban Step Sheet
Stumbling In                                   Video                                                 Stumbling In Urban Step Sheet                                     
Every Time It Rains                       Video                                                  Every Time It Rains Step Sheet


Dances First Taught or Revised in January 2018
Coastin’                                                    Video                                            Coastin’ Urban Step Sheet
Things                                                       Video                                           Things Urban Step Sheet  
The Boat To Liverpool                          Video                                            The Boat to Liverpool-Urban Step Sheet                                     
Triple Mix                                                Video                                            Triple Mix Urban Step Sheet 
Sweet Hurt                                               Video                                           Sweet Hurt Urban Step Sheet 
Missing  (revision)                                 Video                                            Missing Urban Step Sheet 
7 Years Old (revision)                            Video                                            7 Years Old Urban Step Sheet
Down On Your Uppers                          Video                                           Down On Your Uppers Urban Step Sheet

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