Thursday Morning: Beginners/Improvers/Intermediates

 Beginners, Improvers, Intermediates.

Weekly classes are held at the  Methodist Church Hall, Mays Lane,  Stubbington, PO14 2ER. £5 per dancer per class.
This Class started on Thursday 4th September 2014.  The Afternoon Improver/Intermediate Class combined with the Morning Beginner Class in July 2015.
New Dancers are always welcome.
£5 per class.
Classes 9.30am to 12.30pm
If you’re coming to class for the first time please wear suitable shoes and bring a refreshing drink.
Methodist Church Hall (The Venue)

Full List Of Dances Taught or Revised on 10th August 2017 

32 count 4 wall Ultra Beginner. Choreographer: Frank Trace. Music: Mamma Maria by Ricchi E Poveri (Italian) or Mamma Maria by The Countdown (Italian)

32 count 2 wall Beginner. Choreographer: Gary Lafferty Music: “Marvin Gaye” by Charlie Puth.

32 count 2 wall Beginner. Choreographer: Robbie Halvorson. Music: Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson feat. Bruno Mars

32 count 2 wall Absolute Beginner. Choreographer: Micaela Svensson Erlandsonn. Music: Echa Pa’lla by Pitbull.

CLOSER                                                                                                             WEEK 2
32 count 4 wall Beginner/Intermediate. Choreographer: Mary Kelly. Music: Closer by Susan Ashton

32 count 4 wall Beginner. Choreographers: Neville Fitzgerald and Julie Harris. Music: Unpredictable by Olly Murs.

SAVE ME TONIGHT                                                                                      WEEK 3
32 count 4 wall Beginner. Choreographer: Maggie Gallagher. Music: Save Me Tonight by A Little Bit More Reed Fields & Jill Hamlin.

32 count 4 wall Improver. Choreographer: Heather Barton. Music: Missing by William Michael Morgan.

32 count 4 wall High Beginner. Choreographer: Maggie Gallagher. Music: Just Add Moonlight by Eli Young Band

SUNDOWN WALTZ                                                                                      WEEK 2
48 count 4 wall Intermediate Waltz. Choreographer: Robbie McGowan Hickie. Music: Sundown In Nashville by Marty Stuart.

YOUR HEAVEN                                                                                             REVISION
32 count 4 wall Beginner/Improver. Choreographer: Niels Poulsen. Music: Take Me To Your Heaven by Charlotte Nilsson.

32 count 4 wall Improver. Choreographers: Maggie Gallagher and Gary O’Reilly (March 2017). Music: Nancy Mulligan by Ed Sheeran.

WANDERING HEARTS                                                                              WEEK 2
32 count 2 wall High Improver. Choreographers: Gary O’Reilly and Maggie Gallagher. Music: Wish I Could by the Wandering Hearts.

48 count 2 wall Intermediate. Choreographer: Jackie Miranda. Music: Blessed by Elton John.

LOVE’S JUST A FEELING                                                                         WEEK 4
64 count 4 wall Intermediate. Choreographer: Maggie Gallagher. Music: Love’s Just A Feeling by Lindsey Stirling.



Dances first taught or revised in August 2017
Sundown Waltz                                                                    SUNDOWN WALTZ Urban Step Sheet
Closer                                                                                     Closer Urban Step Sheet


Dances first taught or revised in July 2017
Wandering Hearts                                                             Wandering Hearts Urban Step Sheet
Love’s Just A Feeling                                                        Love’s Just A Feeling Urban Step Sheet
Save Me Tonight
                                                               Save Me Tonight Urban Step Sheet
Unpredictable Baby                                                          Unpredictable Baby Urban Step Sheet
Skin                                                                                      Skin Urban Step Sheet
Fields of Gold (Revision)                                                 FIELDS OF GOLD Urban Step Sheet

Dances first taught or revised in June 2017
Paddy’s Choir                                Video                         Paddy’s Choir Urban Step Sheet
Slowly, Gently, Softly (SGS)      Video                          Slowly Gently Softly (SGS) Urban Step Sheet
Funk It Out                                   Video                          Funk It Out Urban Step Sheet
Don’t Hold Back                           Video                          Don’t Hold Back Urban Step Sheet
You Make Me Feel                      Video                         You Make Me Feel Urban Step Sheet
Attention!                                       Video                           Attention! Urban Step Sheet
Midlers Way                                   Video                          Midlers Way Urban Step Sheet


Dances first taught or revised in May 2017
Champagne Promise                  Video                              Champagne Promise Urban Step Sheet
Remember The Days                 Video                               Remember The Days Urban Step Sheet
Whatchugot                                 Video                              Whatchugot Urban Step Sheet
Every Time She Walks By         Video                              Every Time She Walks By Urban Step Sheet
Feel The Need                              Video                              Feel The Need Urban Step Sheet

Dances first taught or revised in April 2017
Back Together                                                                      Back Together Urban Step Sheet
The Violin                                                                             The Violin Urban Step Sheet
Dans le Tango                                                                      Dans Le Tango Urban Step Sheet
Pretty Little Galway Girl            Video                             Pretty Little Galway Girl Urban Step Sheet

Dances first taught or revised in March 2017
Boom Boom Bang                                                               Boom Boom Bang Urban Step Sheet
The Shape Of You                                                                The Shape Of You Urban Step Sheet
I Came To Love You                                                            I Came To Love You Urban Step Sheet
Banjo                                                                                      Banjo Urban Step Sheet  (Video not yet available)
I Am Me (I love My Life)                                                    I Am Me (I Love My Life) Urban Step Sheet

Over The Moon                        Video                                 Over The Moon Urban Step Sheet
Pot of Gold                                                                             Pot Of Gold Urban Step Sheet
Nancy Mulligan                                                                    NANCY MULLIGAN Urban Step Sheet
Irish Stew                                   Video                                 Irish Stew Urban Step Sheet
Mr Dee Jay                                 Video                                  Mr Dee Jay Urban Step Sheet

Dances first taught or revised in February 2017

Dream On                                   Video                               Dream On Urban Step Sheet
Pitbull                                           Video                                Pitbull Urban Step Sheet
Missing                                         Video                                Missing Urban Step Sheet
Tango with Me Darling        Video   Video                        Tango With Me Darling Urban Step Sheet
A Little Oops                                Video                                A Little Oops Urban Step Sheet
Ribbon Of Highway                     Video                               Ribbon of Highway Urban Step Sheet

Dances first taught or revised in January 2017
Funky Love                         Video  (MaggieG)                     Funky Love Urban Step Sheet
ABBAcadabra                      Video                                         ABBAcadabra Urban Step Sheet
Shady                                    Video                                          Shady Urban Step Sheet
Discoteque                           Video                                          Discoteque Urban Step Sheet
Hello It’s Me                        Video                                         Hello It’s Me Urban Step Sheet
Human After All                 Video                                         Human After All Urban Step Sheet

Just a Memory                     Video                                         Just A Memory Urban Step Sheet



Personal Note from Ray

Thank you to everyone for the Christmas Card and the presents,
I appreciate all your kindness.


Note From Brenda
Thank you to everyone for the beautiful card and presents, they were a lovely surprise.
I am looking forward to seeing everyone when classes start again.
Happy New Year!


Dances first taught or revised in December 2016
Coastin’                                                                                 Coastin’ Urban Step Sheet
Blessed                                                                                  Blessed – Urban Step Sheet


Dances first taught or revised in November 2016
Say It Again                                                                         Say It Again Urban Step Sheet
Well Do Ya?                                   Video                           Well Do Ya? Urban Step Sheet
All In My Head (Alvaro AB)       Video                           All In My Head Urban Step Sheet
The Long Way Home                   Video                          The Long Way Home Urban Step Sheet 


Dances first taught or revised in October 2016
Take Me To The River               Video                          Take Me To The River Urban Step Sheet
Shout Out To My EX                 Video                           Shout Out To My EX Urban Step Sheet
Magical Mystery Ride                Video                          Magical Mystery Ride Urban Step Sheet

Some Girls Will                           Video                          Some Girls Will Urban Step Sheet
Gangsta Walk                              Video                           Gangsta Walk Urban Step Sheet
Judge Not                                     Video                           Judge Not Urban Step Sheet
Lovely Day                                    Video                          Lovely Day Urban Step Sheet


Dances first taught or revised in September 2016
Dear Friend                          VideoDear Friend Urban Step Sheet
After The Storm                  VideoAfter the Storm Urban Step Sheet
You Don’t Know Love                                                       You Don’t Know Love Urban Step Sheet (no suitable video available)
A Little Love Trip               Video                                     A Little Love Trip Urban Step Sheet

Your Heaven                       Video                                     Your Heaven Urban Step Sheet
AB Rocker                                                                          Urban Step Sheet  (revision for New dancers)

More Dessert                     Video                                     More Dessert Urban Step Sheet
Primer Beso                       Video                                     Primer Beso Urban Step Sheet
AB L                                                                                    A B L Urban Step Sheet (revision for new dancers)
AB Corner                                                                          A B Corner Urban Step Sheet (revision for new dancers)
EL Corner                                                                          EL Corner Urban Step sheet (revision for new dancers)
AH SI!                                                                                 AH SI! – Urban Step Sheet   (revision for new dancers)

Dances first taught or revised in August 2016
Rock and Roll Music                     Video                          Rock and Roll Music Urban Step Sheet

Dances first taught or revised in July 2016
Need Somebody?                           Video  Need Somebody Urban Step Sheet
Shouldn’t Be This Hard                Video                          Shouldn’t Be This Hard Urban Step Sheet
Keep My Cool                                                                      Keep My Cool Urban Step sheet

The Lemon Tree                              Video                         The Lemon Tree Urban Step Sheet (Revision, last taught Sept 2014)
Wishful Thinking                            Video                         Wishful Thinking Urban Step Sheet (Revision, last taught Jan 2015)
Skinny Genes                                   Video                          Skinny Genes Urban Step Sheet   (Revision, last taught Oct 2015)
Stroll Along Cha Cha                      Video                         Stroll Along Cha Cha Urban Step Sheet (Revision, last taught Sept 2014)

So just Dance Dance Dance          Video                          So Just Dance Dance Dance Urban Step Sheet 



Dances first taught or revised in June 2016
Go Low Go Low                                                                   Go Low Go Low Urban Step Sheet
Give Me Your Love                      Video                            Give Me Your Love Urban Step Sheet
Gypsy Queen                                 Video                            Gypsy Queen Urban Step Sheet
Todos                                              Video                           Todos Urban Step Sheet
If I Wuz U                                       Video                          If I Wuz U Urban Step Sheet

Forgive Me Girl                             Video                           Forgive Me Girl Urban Step Sheet

The Queen                                      Video                          The Queen Urban Step Sheet
Dancing On The Ceiling               Video                          Dancing On The Ceiling Urban Step Sheet 

Dances first taught or revised in May 2016
Summer Celebration                   Video                          Summer Celebration Urban Step Sheet
Never Ever Go Away                     Video                          Never Ever Go Away Urban Step Sheet
Baby You’ve Earned It                  Video                          Baby You’ve Earned It Urban Step Sheet
Nothing Compares                        Video                          Nothing Compares Urban Step Sheet
Stitches                                            VideoStitches Urban Step Sheet
Bring On The Good Times           Video Bring On The Good Times Urban Step Sheet


Dances first taught or revised in April 2016
The Bite                                   Video                                   The Bite Urban Step Sheet
Mirror Mirror                         Video                                  Mirror Mirror Urban Step Sheet
Hey Hey Hallelujah               Video                                  Hey Hey Hallelujah Urban Step Sheet
Ain’t Misbehavin’                   Video                                  Ain’t Misbehavin’ Urban Step Sheet
Lay Low                                    Video                                 Lay Low Urban Step Sheet
Thinkin’ Country                    Video                                 Thinkin’ Country Urban Step Sheet


Dances first taught or revised in March 2016

7 Years Old                                 Video 7 Years Old Urban Step Sheet
Fields Of Gold                            Video FIELDS OF GOLD Urban Step Sheet
BOOGALOO                               Video                               BOOGALOO Urban Step Sheet
The Boat To Liverpool              Video                               The Boat to Liverpool-Urban Step Sheet

Pot Of Gold                                 Video Pot-of-gold Urban Line Dance Step Sheet
Irish Stew                                    Video Irish Stew Urban Step Sheet


Dances first taught or revised in February 2016

Coastin’                                                 Video Coastin’ Urban Step Sheet
Dancing In The Street                       Video Dancing In The Street Urban Step sheet
Love Me Or Leave Me                       Video Love Me or Leave Me Urban Step Sheet (last taught Sept 2014)
A Little Bit Gypsy                               Video A Little Bit Gypsy Urban Step Sheet (Refresher)
Rock This Factor                                VideoRock This Factor Urban Step Sheet
Honey Pie                                             Video                          Honey Pie Urban Step Sheet (last taught October 2014)
Islands In The Stream                       Video                           Islands In The Stream Urban Step Sheet
When I Need You                               Video                           When I Need You – Urban Step Sheet (Revision. Last taught July 2015)

Dances first taught or revised in January 2016
Save The Day                       Video                                     Save The Day Urban Step Sheet

C’mon C’mon                       Video                                     C’mon C’mon Urban Step Sheet
Gerry’s Reel                   Video Video Gerry’s Reel Urban Step Sheet.
Blue Night Cha                    Video Blue Night Cha Urban Step Sheet (last taught October 2014)
Gently Does It                     VideoGently Does It Urban Step Sheet (last taught Sept 2014)
Black Magic                         VideoBlack Magic Urban Step Sheet
Tougher Than That                                                           Tougher Than That Urban Step Sheet


Dances first taught in December 2015
Wobble                                              VideoWobble Urban Step Sheet
Hit The Base                                     Video Hit The Base Urban Step Sheet
Better When I’m Dancing              VideoBetter When I’m Dancin’ Urban Step Sheet
Dances first taught in November 2015
The Real Deal                                 VideoThe Real Deal Urban Step Sheet
Lucky Tonight                                VideoLucky Tonight Urban Step Sheet
Head In The Sky                            VideoHead In The Sky Urban Step Sheet
Triple Mix                                       Video Triple Mix Urban Step Sheet
Caught In The Act                         Video Caught In The Act Urban Step Sheet
Come Dance With Me                  VideoCome Dance With Me Urban Step Sheet
Dances first taught in October 2015
Slam Goes The Door             Video Slam Goes The Door Urban Step Sheet
Your Loving Arms                 Video Your Loving Arms Urban Step Sheet (old PM class revision)
Locklin’s Bar                           VideoLocklin’s Bar Urban Step Sheet
Ribbon Of Highway               Video Ribbon of Highway Urban Step Sheet
Cecilia                                       Video Cecilia Urban Step Sheet (old PM class revision)
Raggle Taggle Gypsy O          Video                        Raggle Taggle Gypsy O Urban Step Sheet (old PM class revision)
Skinny Genes                          Video Skinny Genes Urban Step Sheet
Black Coffee                            VideoBlack Coffee Urban Step Sheet
Rita’s Waltz                             VideoRita’s Waltz Urban Step Sheet
Ticket To The Blues               Video Ticket To The Blues! Urban Step Sheet
Cowboy Charleston               VideoCowboy-Charleston-Urban Step sheet
Dances first taught in September 2015
Eureka                                      VideoEureka – Urban Step Sheet
Greater Than Me            VideoVideo Greater Than Me Urban Step Sheet
Doctor Doctor                        VideoDoctor Doctor Urban Step Sheet
Photograph                             Video Photograph Urban Step Sheet (video not yet available)
Your Place Or Mine               VideoYour Place Or Mine Urban Step Sheet
Peligrosa                                  VideoPeligrosa Urban Step Sheet
I Do My Dreaming                 VideoI Do My Dreaming Urban Step Sheet
Please Yourself                        VideoPlease Yourself Urban Step Sheet
Please Yourselves (partner)                                        Please Yourselves (partner) Urban Step Sheet (video not available)
Beginner dances taught in September 2015
AB Ticket                                                                       A B Ticket Urban Step Sheet (no Suitable video)
Electric Slide                                                                 Electric Slide Urban Step Sheet (no suitable video)
C C Shuffle                                Video CC Shuffle Urban Step Sheet
AH SI                                         Video AH SI! – Urban Step Sheet
Cowboy Charleston                 VideoCowboy-Charleston-Urban Step sheet
EL Corner                                  VideoEL Corner Urban Step sheet
AB Rocker                                 Video A B Rocker Urban Step Sheet
AB Whirl                                   VideoA B Whirl Urban Step Sheet
Dances first taught in August 2015
Tell The World                      Video Tell The World Urban Step Sheet
Dances first taught in July 2015
When I Need You                      Video When I Need You – Urban Step Sheet
Love Is Like                        Video 1 Video 2 Love Is Like Urban Step Sheet
Your Place Or Mine AB            Video Your Place or Mine AB Urban Step Sheet
Swamp Thang                                                               Swamp Thang Urban Step Sheet
Skip The Line                             VideoSkip The Line Urban Step Sheet
Disappearing Tail Lights         Video Disappearing Tail Lights Urban Step
Dances first taught in June 2015
Until The Dawn                                                             Until The Dawn Urban Step Sheet (video not yet available)
Celtic Charm                                                                  Celtic Charm Urban Step Sheet (video not yet available)
Tell the World                         Video Tell The World Urban Step Sheet
Dance With Me Baby             Video Dance With Me Baby Urban Step Sheet
 I Love A Rainy Night             Video I Love A Rainy Night Urban Step Sheet
Dances first taught in May 2015
New Shade Of Blue            Video New Shade of Blue Urban Step Sheet
Gently On My Mind           VideoGently On My Mind Urban Step Sheet
Feeling Hot                          VideoFeeling Hot Urban Step Sheet

Dances first taught in April 2015 

Summer Celebration           VideoSummer Celebration Urban Step Sheet
Wicked Games                                                             Wicked Games Urban Step Sheet 
Uptown Funk                        VideoUptown Funk Urban Step Sheet

Dances first taught in March 2015
Through The Grapevine       VideoThrough The Grapevine Urban Step Sheet
Memphis Love                       Video Memphis Love Urban Step Sheet
The Boat To Liverpool          VideoThe Boat to Liverpool-Urban Step Sheet
Rita’s Waltz                             Video  Rita’s Waltz Urban Step Sheet
Dances first taught in February 2015
Bullfrog on a log                       VideoBullfrog On A Log Urban Step Sheet
Just Add Moonlight                 VideoJust Add Moonlight Urban Step Sheet
Coastin’                                                                          Coastin’ Urban Step Sheet
Triple Mix                                   VideoTriple Mix Urban Step Sheet
The Galway Gathering              VideoThe Galway Gathering Urban Step Sheet
Dances first taught in January 2015
Only With You                                                                Only with You Urban Step Sheet
Irish Stew                             Video                                 Irish Stew Urban Step Sheet
Wishful Thinking                VideoWishful Thinking Urban Step Sheet
My New Life                         VideoMy New Life Urban Step Sheet
Dances first taught in December 2014
Black Coffee                            Video Black Coffee Urban Step Sheet
Ribbon of Highway                VideoRibbon of Highway Urban Step Sheet
Urban Trad                              Video Urban Trad Urban Step SheetVIDEO
Dances first taught in November 2014
All About A Woman              VideoAll About a Woman Urban Step Sheet
Sea Cruise                               VideoSea Cruise Urban Step Sheet
Dances first taught in October 2014
AB Waltz                                                                             A B-waltz Urban Step Sheet
After The Storm                     VideoAfter the Storm Urban Step Sheet
Blue Night Cha                       VideoBlue Night Cha Urban Step Sheet
County Line Cha                    VideoCounty Line Cha Cha Urban Step Sheet
Come Dance With Me           VideoCome Dance With Me Urban Step Sheet
Cowboy Charleston                                                          Cowboy-Charleston-Urban Step sheet
Honey Pie                                 Video Honey Pie Urban Step Sheet
Out of Focus                            Video Out of Focus Urban Step Sheet
When I Need You                    VideoWhen I Need You Urban Step Sheet
Dances first taught in September 2014
AB L                                                                                   A B L Urban Step Sheet
AB Corner                                                                        A B Corner Urban Step Sheet
AB Rocker                                                                         A B Rocker Urban Step Sheet
AB Ticket                                                                           A B Ticket Urban Step Sheet
AB Whirl                                                                            A B Whirl Urban Step Sheet
AH SI                                          VideoAH SI! – Urban Step Sheet
CC Shuffle                                                                         CC Shuffle Urban Step Sheet
EL Corner                                                                           EL Corner Urban Step Sheet
Electric Slide                                                                      Electric Slide Urban Step Sheet
Gently Does It                                                                   Gently Does It Urban Step Sheet
Love Me or Leave Me            Video Love Me or Leave Me Urban Step Sheet
Mamma Maria                        VideoMamma Maria Urban Step Sheet
New Shoes                                                                         New Shoes Urban Step Sheet
Skinny Genes                           VideoSkinny Genes Urban Step Sheet
Stroll Along Cha                                                                Stroll Along Cha Cha Urban Step Sheet
Summer Celebration              VideoSummer Celebration Urban Step Sheet
The Lemon Tree                      VideoThe Lemon Tree Urban Step Sheet
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