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Monday Improver – Intermediate

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This Monday Class finished following the Christmas Party on 21st December. A very special thank you to all the dancers and friends who have danced with us over the last three and half years.  Also a big thanks from Lorraine and me for the Christmas cards and gifts we received, thank you.

For details of the New Monday Intermediate Class and the new venue, please click on this link.

We look forward to next years dancing already.

Best Wishes

Ray Hodson.


The details below refer to the old class only

RANVILLES COMMUNITY CENTRE, Oldbury Way, (off Peak Lane) Fareham PO14 3BN
Classes are held every  Monday evening 7.30 to 9.30


£4.50  per class


Classes 7:30 to 9:30 pm

This class started as Absolute Beginners in September 2012, now in the third year most dancers are comfortable with Higher Beginner / Improver  Dancers  and are to be taught Improver & Easy Intermediate Dances.

RECENT TEACHES  up to December  2015

Wobble                                                                                    Wobble Urban Step Sheet
Hit The Base                                                                          Hit The Base Urban Step Sheet
Better When I’m Dancing                                                   Better When I’m Dancin’ Urban Step Sheet

Click this LINK to see Wobble video



RECENT TEACHES  November 2015
 The Real Deal                                                                       The Real Deal Urban Step Sheet
Head In The Sky                                                                   Head In The Sky Urban Step Sheet
Caught In The Act                     Video                                 Caught In The Act Urban Step Sheet
Slam Goes The Door                 Video                                Slam Goes The Door Urban Step Sheet

RECENT TEACHES  October 2015
Locklin’s Bar                             Video                                 Locklin’s Bar Urban Step Sheet
Ticket To The Blues                 Video                                 Ticket To The Blues! Urban Step Sheet
Triple Mix                                  Video                                 Triple Mix Urban Step Sheet
Eureka                                        Video                                 Eureka – Urban Step Sheet
RECENT TEACHES  September 2015
Photograph                            Video                                    Photograph Urban Step Sheet
Doctor Doctor                        Video                                    Doctor Doctor Urban Step Sheet
Greater Than Me            Video   Video                             Greater Than Me Urban Step Sheet
I Do My Dreaming                Video                                    I Do My Dreaming Urban Step Sheet
Peligrosa                                  Video                                   Peligrosa Urban Step Sheet
Until The Dawn                      Video                                   Until The Dawn Urban Step Sheet
Good Luck Girl                         Video                                  Good Luck Girl Urban Step Sheet
I Love A Rainy Night               Video                                  I Love A Rainy Night Urban Step Sheet
Love Is Like                       Video    Video                            Love Is Like Urban Step Sheet
Slam Goes The Door               Video                                   Slam Goes The Door Urban Step Sheet
Skip The Line                            Video                                  Skip The Line Urban Step Sheet
The Bomp                                   Video                                 The Bomp Urban Step Sheet
Celtic Charm                                                                          Celtic Charm Urban Step Sheet   (Video not yet available)
New Shade Of Blue                   Video                                  New Shade of Blue Urban Step Sheet
Tell The World                           Video                                Tell The World Urban Step Sheet
Gently On My Mind                           Video                               Gently On My Mind Urban Step Sheet
Here’s To Us                               Video 1    Video 2                   Here’s To Us Urban Step Sheet
Your Loving Arms                              Video                            Your Loving Arms Urban Step Sheet
Wicked Games                                                                           Wicked Games Urban Step Sheet
Through The Grapevine                  Video                              Through The Grapevine Urban Step Sheet
Memphis Love                                   Video                             Memphis Love Urban Step sheet


RECENT TEACHES  February 2015
Up                                                           Video                             Up Urban Step Sheet
Heavenly Cha                                        Video                            Heavenly Cha Urban Step Sheet
Lipz                                                         Video                             LIPZ Urban Step Sheet
Irish Stew                                              Video                             Irish Stew Urban Step Sheet

RECENT TEACHES  January 2015

Modern Romance                                Video                              Modern Romance Urban Step Sheet
We Only Live Once                              Video                              We Only Live Once Urban Step Sheet
Wrapped Up                                          Video                              Wrapped Up Urban Step Sheet
When I found Love                              Video                              When I Found Love Urban Step Sheet



All About A Woman                             Video                                  All About a Woman Urban Step Sheet

Marry That Girl                                     Video                                 Marry That Girl Urban Step Sheet

Gypsy                                                                                                   Gypsy Urban Step Sheet

Urban Trad                                                                                         Urban Trad Urban Step Sheet         Video



After The Storm                                   Video                                After the Storm Urban Step Sheet

Out of Focus (Blurred Lines)                                                        Out of Focus Urban Step Sheet

White Nights                                        Video                                 White Nights Urban Step Sheet

Coastin’,                                                                                            Coastin’ Urban Step Sheet



Honey Pie,                                           Video                                   Honey Pie Urban Step Sheet

Intrigue,                                               Video                                   Intrigue Urban Step Sheet

Wishful Thinking,                              Video                                   Wishful Thinking Urban Step Sheet

My New Life,                                        Video                                  My New Life Urban Step Sheet

Ribbon of Highway,                           Video                                   Ribbon of Highway Urban Step Sheet

New Shoes,                                                                                        New Shoes Urban Step Sheet

Black Coffee,                                       Video                                    Black Coffee Urban Step Sheet

Love Me Or Leave Me,                      Video                                   Love Me or Leave Me Urban Step Sheet

Shake The Room!,                              Video                                  Shake the Room! Urban Step Sheet

Smokey Places,                                    Video                                  Smokey Places Urban Step Sheet

Blue Night Cha,                                   Video                                   Blue Night Cha Urban Step Sheet

Pot of Gold,                                                                                       Pot-of-gold Urban Step Sheet

A Little Bit Gypsy,                              Video                                    A Little Bit Gypsy Urban Step Sheet

Fading Lights,                                     Video                                    Fading Lights Urban Step Sheet

About Time,                                        Video                                    About-Time-Urban Step Sheet 

Silver Lining,                                      Video                                     Silver Lining Urban Step Sheet

Raggle Taggle Gypsy O,                    Video                                     Raggle Taggle Gypsy O Urban Step Sheet

The Story of My Life,                         Video                                     The Story of My Life Urban Step Sheet 

Just Add Moonlight.                          Video                                     Just Add Moonlight Urban Step Sheet

 Shotgun Mambo                                Video                                     Shotgun Mambo Urban Step Sheet



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