Monday – Improver and Intermediate

 Monday – Improver and Intermediate

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For Experienced Intermediate/Improver  Dancers

Classes are held every  Monday evening 7.30 to 9.30 at Fareham Academy (Used to be called NEVILLE LOVETT COMMUNITY SCHOOL).
St Anne’s Grove,  (Off St Michaels Grove)
Fareham, PO14 1JJ
£5.00 per class

Fareham Academy Community Hall (The Venue)

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Follow this link to a glossary of Line Dance Terms.                                        LINE DANCE TERMS
Follow this link for a Beginners’ Guide to Line Dance.                                   Beginners’ Guide To Line Dance2



Full List Of Dances Taught Or Revised on 16th October 2017

 BIG BLUE TREE                                                        REVISION
32 count 4 wall Beginner. Choreographer: Ria Vos. Music: Big Blue Tree by Michael English.

BABYLON                                                               WEEK 4
32 count 4 wall High Beginner. Choreographer: Fred Whitehouse. Music: Babylon by OMI

DANS LE TANGO                                                      REVISION
64 count 4 wall Improver. Choreographer: Pat Stott. Music: In-Tango by In-Grid

SAY IT AGAIN                                                        REVISION

32 count 4 wall Intermediate. Choreographer: Kate Sala. Music: Say It Again by Frances.

32 count 4 wall Improver. Choreographer: Darren Mitchell. Music: Lonely Drum by Aaron Goodvin

GLITTER & GOLD                                                      NEW DANCE 
64 count 4 wall Intermediate. Choreographer: Robert Lindsay. Music: Glitter & Gold by Steps.

CHASING DOWN A GOOD TIME                                    WEEK 2
48 count 4 wall Intermediate. Choreographer: Dan Albro. Music: Chasinig Down A Good Time by Randy Housser

WATER OFF A DUCKS BACK                                          REVISION
32 count 4 wall Improver/Intermediate. Choreographer: Hazel Pace. Music: A Little Bit Of You by Sonny Burgess.

32 count 2 wall High Improver. Choreographers: Gary O’Reilly and Maggie Gallagher. Music: Wish I Could by the Wandering Hearts.

LOVE’S JUST A FEELING                                             REVISION
64 count 4 wall Intermediate. Choreographer: Maggie Gallagher. Music: Love’s Just A Feeling by Lindsey Stirling.

NANCY MULLIGAN                                                     REVISION
32 count 4 wall Improver. Choreographers: Maggie Gallagher and Gary O’Reilly (March 2017). Music: Nancy Mulligan by Ed Sheeran.


New Teaches October  2017
Glitter and Gold                                                                                         Glitter and Gold Urban Step Sheet
Chasing Down A Good Time                                                                   Chasing Down a Good Time Urban Step Sheet



New Teaches September 2017 (New Term)
The Ghost Of You                                                                                       The Ghost of You Urban Step Sheet
Babylon                                                                                                         Babylon Urban Step Sheet
Subeme La Radio                                                                                        Subeme La Radio Urban Step Sheet
Always Sunshine and Rainbows                                                              Always Sunshine And Rainbows Urban Step Sheet


New Teaches August 2017
Lonely Drum                                                                                      Lonely Drum Urban Step Sheet

New Teaches July 2017

Wandering Hearts                          Video                                         Wandering Hearts Urban Step Sheet
Skin                                                    Video                                          Skin Urban Step Sheet
Love’s Just A Feeling                      Video                                          Love’s Just A Feeling Urban Step Sheet
Paddy’s Choir                                   Video                                          Paddy’s Choir Urban Step Sheet
Pretty Little Galway Girl                Video                                          Pretty Little Galway Girl Urban Step Sheet

New Teaches June 2017
Slowly, Gently, Softly (SGS)                   Video                                    Slowly Gently Softly (SGS) Urban Step Sheet
Funk It Out                                                Video                                     Funk It Out Urban Step Sheet
Missing                                                       Video                                     Missing Urban Step Sheet
Don’t Hold Back                                        Video                                     Don’t Hold Back Urban Step Sheet


New Teaches May 2017
Attention!                                            Video                                          Attention! Urban Step Sheet
Remember The Days                         Video                                           Remember The Days Urban Step Sheet
Whatchugot                                         Video                                          Whatchugot Urban Step Sheet
Every Time She Walks By                 Video                                            Every Time She Walks By Urban Step Sheet


New Teaches April 2017
Doctor Doctor                                       Video                                    Doctor Doctor Urban Step Sheet
The Violin                                              Video                                    The Violin Urban Step Sheet
Dans Le Tango                                       Video                                    Dans Le Tango Urban Step Sheet 

New Teaches March 2017
I Am Me (I Love My Life)                Video                                      I Am Me (I Love My Life) Urban Step Sheet
The Shape Of You                              Video                                      The Shape Of You Urban Step Sheet
I Came To Love You                          Video                                       I Came To Love You Urban Step Sheet
Pot Of Gold                                          Video                                      Pot Of Gold Urban Step Sheet
Nancy Mulligan                                  Video                                       NANCY MULLIGAN Urban Step Sheet



New Teaches February 2017
Dream On                                               Video                                     Dream On Urban Step Sheet
Irish Spirit (aka Baileys)                     Video                                      Irish Spirit Urban Step Sheet
Tango With Me Darling  
            Video     Video                              Tango With Me Darling Urban Step Sheet


New Teaches January 2017
Funky Love                                 Video      Video                              Funky Love Urban Step Sheet
Shady                                                   Video                                       Shady Urban Step Sheet 

Discoteque                                          Video                                       Discoteque Urban Step Sheet
ABBAcadabra                                     Video                                       ABBAcadabra Urban Step Sheet
Hello It’s Me                                       Video                                       Hello It’s Me Urban Step Sheet

Human After All                                 Video                                       Human After All Urban Step Sheet
Just A Memory                                   Video                                       Just A Memory Urban Step Sheet



New Teaches December 2016
Blessed                                                          Video                               Blessed – Urban Step Sheet


New Teaches November 2016
Say It Again                                                                                             Say It Again Urban Step Sheet Video no longer available

Well do Ya?                                           Video                                       Well Do Ya? Urban Step Sheet
The Long Way Home                           Video                                      The Long Way Home Urban Step Sheet
Lovely Day                                             Video                                       Lovely Day Urban Step Sheet  

Water Off A Ducks Back                     Video                                       Water Off A Ducks Back Urban Step Sheet

New Teaches October 2016
Shout Out To My EX                   Video                         Shout Out To My EX Urban Step Sheet
Take Me To The River         Video      Video                 Take Me To The River Urban Step Sheet
Some Girls Will                            Video                          Some Girls Will Urban Step Sheet
Gangsta Walk                               Video                           Gangsta Walk Urban Step Sheet 

New Teaches September 2016
Magical Mystery Ride             Video                               Magical Mystery Ride Urban Step Sheet
Dear Friend                               Video                               Dear Friend Urban Step Sheet
Your Heaven!                            Video                              Your Heaven Urban Step Sheet

You Don’t Know Love                                                       You Don’t Know Love Urban Step Sheet (suitable video not available)
More Dessert                            Video                               More Dessert Urban Step Sheet
Primer Beso                              Video                                Primer Beso Urban Step Sheet

New Teaches August 2016
Don’t Look At Me                     Video                             Don’t Look At Me Urban Step Sheet ENGLISH EDIT
Rock and Roll Music                Video                             Rock and Roll Music Urban Step Sheet

New Teaches July 2016
Need Somebody?                              Video                     Need Somebody Urban Step Sheet
Shouldn’t Be This Hard                   Video                     Shouldn’t Be This Hard Urban Step Sheet
Go Low Go Low                                                                 Go Low Go Low Urban Step Sheet
Give Me Your Love                            Video                    Give Me Your Love Urban Step Sheet
So Just Dance Dance Dance            Video                    So Just Dance Dance Dance Urban Step Sheet

New Teaches June 2016
Gypsy Queen                             Video                              Gypsy Queen Urban Step Sheet
Always You                                Video                              Always You Urban Step Sheet
Todos                                          Video                              Todos Urban Step Sheet

The Queen                                 Video                                The Queen Urban Step Sheet

New Teaches May 2016
Nothing Compares                       Video                           Nothing Compares Urban Step Sheet 
Never Ever Go Away                    Video                            Never Ever Go Away Urban Step Sheet
                              Video                           Stitches Urban Step Sheet   

New Teaches April 2016
The Bite                                     Video                               The Bite Urban Step Sheet
Mirror Mirror                           Video                               Mirror Mirror Urban Step Sheet
Thinkin’ Country                      Video                              Thinkin’ Country Urban Step Sheet
Hey Hey Hallelujah                  Video                              Hey Hey Hallelujah Urban Step Sheet

Ain’t Misbehavin’                      Video                               Ain’t Misbehavin’ Urban Step Sheet

New Teaches March 2016
Lay Low                                       Video                             Lay Low Urban Step Sheet
7 Years Old                                  Video                             7 Years Old Urban Step Sheet

The Boat To Liverpool              Video                           
The Boat to Liverpool-Urban Step Sheet
Irish Stew                                    Video                             Irish Stew Urban Step Sheet
Patsy Fagan                                 Video                             Patsy Fagan Urban Step Sheet


New Teaches February 2016
There Goes My First Love                     Video                    There Goes My First Love Urban Step Sheet
Modern Romance                                    Video                       Modern Romance Urban Step Sheet (revision)
Here’s To Us                                      Video  Video                     Here’s To Us Urban Step Sheet
Forgive Me Girl                                        Video                         Forgive Me Girl Urban Step Sheet
Rock This Factor                                     Video                         Rock This Factor Urban Step Sheet
C’mon C’mon                                           Video                          C’mon C’mon Urban Step Sheet

New Teaches January 2016
Save The Day          Video                         
Save The Day Urban Step Sheet
Gerry’s Reel         Video Video                   Gerry’s Reel Urban Step Sheet.
Black Magic             Video                           Black Magic Urban Step Sheet
Tough Love              Video                            Tough Love Urban Step Sheet


This NEW class starts as for Intermediate/ Improver  Dancers  on Monday 4th January 2016.

RECENT TEACHES  Taught at the old class (Ranvilles CC) November and December 2015
Wobble                                         VideoWobble Urban Step Sheet
Hit The Base                                VideoHit The Base Urban Step Sheet
 Better when I’m Dancing         Video                        Better When I’m Dancin’ Urban Step Sheet
 The Real Deal                             VideoThe Real Deal Urban Step Sheet
Head In The Sky                         Video  Head In The Sky Urban Step Sheet
Slam Goes The Door                  VideoSlam Goes The Door Urban Step Sheet
RECENT TEACHES  October 2015
Locklin’s Bar                             Video Locklin’s Bar Urban Step Sheet
Ticket To The Blues                 VideoTicket To The Blues! Urban Step Sheet
Triple Mix                                  VideoTriple Mix Urban Step Sheet
Eureka                                        Video Eureka – Urban Step Sheet
RECENT TEACHES  September 2015
Photograph                            Video   Photograph Urban Step Sheet
Doctor Doctor                        Video                               Doctor Doctor Urban Step Sheet
Greater Than Me            VideoVideo Greater Than Me Urban Step Sheet
I Do My Dreaming                VideoI Do My Dreaming Urban Step Sheet
Peligrosa                                  VideoPeligrosa Urban Step Sheet
Until The Dawn                      VideoUntil The Dawn Urban Step Sheet


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